tap-ID is a company of Euronovate Group.

In 2015, Euronovate presented for the first time Biometric Fusion product, at Finovate New York, introducing the first online KYC using face recognition, signature verification and OTP. Since then, Euronovate researched and invested in developing such new product up to the creation of New-co TAP ID, today and will be tomorrow- the first fully self on-boarding platform powered by biometrics.

In July 2018 TAP-ID received a substantial contribution from the Swiss government agency, Innosuisse Innovation Council, in charge of promoting innovation in Switzerland. Confirming the Swiss government’s interest and willingness to explore solutions to current issues in digital identity and onboarding procedures.
The TAP ID team works closely with local research centers and SUPSI university (Lugano, CH).

TAP-ID is a company owned 100% by Euronovate Group. Since its inception in 2012, Euronovate has achieved outstanding growth, positioning itself as the global market leader in Digital Transformation solutions for large enterprises, with a focus in the banking sector. The company counts 75 employees worldwide, with 7 established office In 3 continents and services more than 50 banks.


Our mission is to provide a frictionless onboarding process, which is mutually beneficial both for the companies and end users. Our reusable identity solution simplifies the onboarding process for users by making all the data functional across multiple platforms.
Users can certify themselves with only one online onboarding process. Your ID will be automatically updated as your life progresses. You will decide how, when and who can access your identity.

We strive to redefine digital identity making it all about the user and their experience, while delivering on compliance requirements mandated by ever changing regulations. Our customer centric approach focuses on the main pillars of simplicity, compliance and security.

In this day and age where online identity security is often threatened, our mission is to guarantee your data security, at the same time being GDPR compliant. We strive to providing you with the best service by relying on an “end-to-end” approach.

  • 90% of attempted logins to e-commerce websites comes from malicious hackers trying to steal your data.
  • Globally, 1.1 billion identities were stolen in 2016 alone, more than double compared to the previous year, moreover the country with the most data breaches was the United States.
  • According to a report published in 1016 by Thomson Reuters, while financial firms’ average costs to meet their obligations reach $60 million, others are spending up to $500 million on compliance with KYC
  • The same survey shows that 89% of customers did not have a good KYC experience and more than 10% of respondents changed their financial institution as a result of bad KYC experience.