“Euronovate Group has just launched a new startup initiative, named TAP-ID, that wants to revolutionise the digital identity world! Don’t miss the opportunity to be the real owner of your identity.”

Watch the full video of TAP-ID’s launch @FinovateEurope2019!

Customer centric identity
• One sign up
• Fully biometrics online
• Adaptive Blockchain tracking
• Infinite possibilities
Reclaim your digital identity
• Retain full control and ownership over YOUR personal information
GDPR and AML4 compliant
• Frictionless KYC solution
• Fully digital onboarding solution that is validated and supported by the Swiss Authorities
• GDPR regulations compliant
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Trusted Adaptive
Portable ID

Tap ID is a digital identity platform for private customers and organizations. It allows individuals to reclaim their identity and enforce their privacy rights while enabling secure access to third party services. The TAP ID platform is completely free to use by private customers.

Why New tap-ID

User Side
Do you have enough of having to remember even more and more passwords?
Are you bored of replicating onboarding process every time?
Do you want to be sure about where your personal data are stored?
Every onboarding process last too much and you lost your time?
Do you want to access to your id using your biometrics and not codes?
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How much does it cost you the digital identity management? Such as the onboarding process, the maintenance…
Does GDPR commit you to have new approach to store data?
Do you want to have a smart and fast onboarding process to be competitive online?

tap-ID for crypto market

  • ICO subscribers
    Do you need to know ICO subscribers?
  • AML4 compliance
    Do you need to confirm up to AML4 compliance?
  • GDPR compliance
    Do you need to guarantee GDPR compliance?
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Get in touch with any browser from any device

Access the tap-id platform from your preferred device

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For your contacts

Phone: +41 91 9809516
Email: info@tap-id.tech

Visit our office

Baldassare Longhena Street, 24
6817 Maroggia (Switzerland)

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